Thodupuzha is situated at the gate to the Kerala mountains, so there are many scenic places to be seen. The nearby Vagamon Hills have even been listed as one of the world’s 500 most beautiful places. Kerala is also very rich in water; fishing is possible and you will find many beautiful waterfalls for example in Thommankuthu or Elappally as well as dams in Malankara or Idukki. Furthermore its extensive forests provide a wonderful possibility for trekking.

Another interesting feature of the area is its agriculture. You can visit tea gardens as well as rubber or spice plantations and see how the products you are using every day are actually being cultivated. Life-stock and poultry farms are there to be visited as well. For those interested in the culinary aspects of their treatment, we provide a possibility to learn about the background and preparation of Ayurvedic food as we do it.
If you are more inclined towards the spiritual background of the work we are doing, we can take you to temple visits and introduce you to some of our seasonal festivals and art forms. Recognizing the growing significance of Medical Astrology, we arrange facilities to meet an expert in the field during the stay at our place. Furthermore you will find a selection of literature about Indian spirituality in our house and for those interested we do introductory classes and discourses on it.

All these aspects will deepen your understanding of the treatment you are undergoing and thus help to promote its success