Family Tradition


Ovoor is a centuries old traditional ‘tharavad’(noble family) of ‘Kalari Asaans’. This family maintained a full-fledged martial art school(traditional kalari). In those days the ‘Asaan’ or the headmaster of such martial art schools named ‘Kalari’ had to play important ministerial role in the courtyard of ruling king. He was entrusted by the king to collect tax, educate the public and give intensive training to selected people in martial arts; so that in times of emergency the king could call upon these super skilled warriors for defense. Yet an important and another major function of a ‘Kalari’ was to ensure the social as well as the physical wellness of the people in general.

Among the Asaans of Ovoor Kalari Shri Kesavan Nair in the early 20th century was renowned as ‘Marmmayogi’ for his siddhi in curing complicated deceases and received special acknowledgement from rulers.He was an expert in Marma, Ayurveda and Yoga and he combined these great sciences with the Kalari theories and formulated effective system of treatment for wellness as well as for alleviating majority of even modern life style diseases.

Sree Ramakrishna Ayurveda Yogasramam for which foundations was laid by this great healer of his time for meeting the health concerns of his people is now reintroduced in his own name MARMMAYOGI, which he was fondly called. The name itself gives a concise definition of its total functions, ie a unique combination of Ayurveda, Marma and Yoga with modern facilities.