Marmas the vital points or the subtle energy centres of the body are considered as the storehouses of the life breath pranic energy. Therefore any thrust or unusual throbbing on these vital centres can cause serious health problems. Similarly stimulating or massaging the marma points give benefits to the area of their locations and improves the function of the connecting organs.

There are 72,000 energy flowing meridians (Nadis) in the human body which are connected to seven energy centres or chakras.. By the activation of Chakras (wheels) and Marmmas, dormant Nadis can be stimulated to channelize more energy through the body.. In the process of stimulating and enhancing the Nadis, Prana can also be harmonized.

The knowledge and application of marma has its roots in Ayurveda and ancient martial art form called KAlari. Marmma was developed in the Kalari by the head, who were called as Kalari Asaans, for conditioning and maintaining a perfectly healthy body that can face and overcome the toughest of challenges.

Therefore marma therapy can be used as a part of rejuvenation and detoxification therapy as it helps to balance doshas and promote energy. In the healing process marma therapy can be a part of Panchakarma or single or combination treatment. It can be used as preventive measure as it is an important tool in Ayurvedic treatment in preventing and treating imbalances.