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MONSOON –Nature’s opportunity to purify and energizing the body

Monsoon is the time which demands our body to undergo purification and energizing process. With the abundant joy of rains monsoon also brings many diseases as this is the time when earth gets polluted with all the dust ,soot and toxic materials which filled our atmosphere during summer.

The pollution of earth weakens our immune system and causes imbalance of TRIDOSHAS-Vata,Pita and Kapha, which makes our body susceptible to many contagious diseases, metabolic disorders, Muscular problems, Arthritis, back and Neck pain ,Neurological disorders etc. Cleansing/Detoxing and energizing/ Rejuvenating process will help our body to overcome seasonal changes, correcting metabolism as well as reduces the rate of degeneration.

Our Treatment Programmes

At MarmmaYogi we adopt a holistic approach to detox and rejuvenate our body ,mind and Soul by combining ayruveda, Marma and Yoga. Three Programmes of 21 days or 15 days or 7 days are available as per your convenience with all major Treatment inclusions which are